There are a number of ways to get your story recognised. Here are just a few, but if you know any others, please do add them in!

Fantasy Writers Wiki

Use the wiki itself to gain fame! To add your story, create a page and write away. You can use wikitext to create a layout for your story.

Discussions Page

If you're the kind of person who likes discussing with other writers, then head on over to the Fantasy Writers Wiki Discussions page! Here, you can share your stories with other keen writers and discuss it with them, or give feedback to others.


WattPad is a free-to-use website and app where you can write about absolutely anything, whether it be romance o
WattPad Logo

The WattPad Logo

r action or mystery. It's used by millions of people worldwide, so it's a brilliant way to get your story known.


Scriggler is similar to WattPad, but can also be used for blogging and debating. If you prefer non-fiction writing, Scriggler is for you!

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The Scriggler Logo

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